The Better World Awards

honours humanitarians who make

the world a better place

Our donations raised at the Humanitarian Awards Show, help foundations and non-profits

Tickets Click: The 9th Annual Better World Awards 

Friday, May, 24, 2019 at
The Hôtel De Paris – Monte-Carlo, Monaco. 
HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco presents The Better World Environmental Protection Awards to Julian Lennon – Great Britain.

F1 World Champion Jenson Button joined The Better Worlds Award at the Hermitage Hotel Monte- Carlo, Monaco with Eva Longoria Global Humanitarian of the year. 

Tickets Click: The 9th Annual Better World Awards 

Friday, May, 24, 2019 at
The Hôtel De Paris – Monte-Carlo, Monaco. 
Beyonce with Gina deFranco, Executive Producer of  The  Better World Awards, Roc 4 Humanity brings together humanitarian artists.

Super Model Gisele Bundchen and her husband Tom Brady stopped by at an ILM event. – Brazil and USA

His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco  adds his artistic touch to a donated painting by Jamaica Dave in Monte-Carlo, Monaco at the Hôtel De Paris for The Better World Awards auction. Funds aided The White Feather Foundation

Below in Monaco at the Fairmount Hotel: Ky- Mani Marley  and presenter, Denise Rich – Austria



Bryan Ferry performing at The Better World Awards, Monte-Carlo, Monaco in the Hôtel de Paris, Salle Empire.

Raising funds & awareness

At The Better World Awards, Roc 4 Humanity, we donate and support to foundations and charities.

Through our donations we provide support to non – profits and foundation for their core mission. A UN endorsement letter will be featured on our new news page soon

The Better World Awards funds have helped build wells in Uganda. 

The Better World Awards mission is to help children, the environment and help bring emergency relief to catastrophic areas. Whether it’s education for a child or health issues, we believe a child’s betterment is of utmost importance and the cornerstone to our future.

Left to Right: The Wyclef Jean family :(l) Friend of the family , Angie Jean, Eric Jean, Chloe Jean Miles, Sinamino Jean Miles, supported clean water for Uganda at the New York, Central Park edition of The 8th Annual Better World Awards,Roc 4 Humanity.

Wyclif Jeans’ family “-The volunteer kids”, enthusiasticly surprised the guests with opening the fundraiser show to a Paul Simon “Graceland ” song to get the crowd up on their feet. 7-Time Grammy winner, Jose Feliciano, preformed and newcomers: Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, Clayton Bryant, James De Frances and Lady Laura, performed.

Supporters & Guests


We attract an international guest set, concerned with making the world a better place:

Mr.and Mrs. Elie Saab: Lebanon

Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and his wife Princess Clotilde Courau, Princess of Venice – Italy & France:

Eddie Jordan, Irish former motorsport team boss and TV-personality,  joined us at the Monte-Carlo, Hermitage Hotel. Guest from Ireland.

Troy Bayliss –  Superbike World Championship  MotoGP race  with Ducati. came to the event to support The Better World Awards . – Australia

What we do:

Jose Feliciano performed at The Better World Awards in New York City

We produce The Roc 4 Humanity performances during The Better World Awards show

We Raise Funds, Support  & Awareness

Through our auction we raise funds for charities and foundations which help the charities or foundation’s core mission. At some award shows we bring  awareness  to a particular problem plaguing the world. We bring new donors to the charity which is being highlighted during the show. We salute our honourees for their humanitarian work.

We have donated to The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. The PAF 2 is dedicated to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development on a global scale.

Pamela Anderson Foundation : Animals and the environment. 

Mariah Carey and Donatella Versace walk the Red Carpet at an ILM event in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

Claudinette ( Mrs Wyclef) Jean received The Humanitarian  Helping Hand Award for her work in Haiti during the earthquake aftermath.

Auction of Bob Marley Memorabilia, with Humanitarian Honouree, Ky- Mani Marley and returning Environmentalist Honouree, Julian Lennon. UK

Randy Jones of The Village People presented the Global Humanitarian  Music Award to Randy Schneider of the B52’s group. Central Park, New York City. Randy was recognised for his help with animals and the environment

Jimmy Jean-Louis – Humanitarian Award honouree for his work in Haiti

Tickets Click: The 9th Annual Better World Awards 

Friday, May, 24, 2019 at
The Hôtel De Paris – Monte-Carlo, Monaco. 

Our Global Impact

We raise funds and awareness for important causes at
The Better World Awards, Roc 4 Humanity, show.

Annually, a Charity or Foundation is helped by our awards show through  auction proceeds or a donor drive. Our efforts focus on helping women & children, the environment  and disaster relief. 

The Better World Awards show attracts an international set of concerned citizens  who unite to make the world a better place.

Roc 4 Humanity is  a line up of  by humanitarians performers, held  during the Awards Show. 


Former Charities, Foundations and Honourees:

* indicates the country the honouree originates 

The White Feather Foundation. HRH Prince  Albert II of Monaco, presented The Global Environmentalist Award to Julian Lennon. The funding helped an Amazon Tribe. UK

The Prince Albert 2 of Monaco Foundation : The Prince Albert 2 of Monaco Foundation benefited .  Focus primarily one contribution at BWA was on oceans and at one BWA,  deforestation. Monaco

Eva Longoria Foundation : Eva Longoria, Global Humanitarian Latina Community, USA ,West & Southwest. USA

The Love Overall Foundation : Ky- Mani. Marley Global Humanitarian. Helped build schools and cultural center in  Jamaica.

Flavio Briatore : Global humanitarian for his work in Kenya. Italy

Kweku Mandela’s, Road Safety programs-South Africa

The Irish Fund, Olivia Gaynor-Long, Global Humanitarian for children. Ireland

Pamela Anderson : Humanitarian Environmental Award for Animal protection. USA 

Beauty for Freedom, Awareness gala ,Human Trafficking Awareness support. Asia and Middle East focus

Mrs Wyclef (Claudinette) Jean: Humanitarian Helping Hand Award  

SAVE AFRICA : Harry Benson CBE,Humanitarian Arts Award highlighted  for his artistic contributions for charities. USA &  Scotland

Jimmy Jean-Louis, Humanitarian Award, Hollywood Unites for Haiti, Disaster Relief. 

Jean Shafiroff, Philanthropic Humanitarian Award  donating to Uganda for clean water.Highlighted for her varied financial contributions, building wells in Uganda and Jean’s numerous support for several  charities.

B52’s Fred Schneider : Humanitarian Music Awards for his work with the Environment and animals for several charities. USA 

Mark C. Thomas : Global Humanitarian for Children, The Princess Charlene Foundation. Wales

Jeanine Mabunda Lioka,Wish Africa  Global humanitarian for women and children.République démocratique du Congo – women and children. 

Per Wimmer Entrepreneur Environment Humanitarian. Denmark

The White Feather Foundation helped the Amazon tribe due to the BWA’s funding. Brazil

Haiti support Humanitarian winners : Mrs. Wyclef Jean in Central Park.New York City, New York and Mr, Jimmy-Jean Louis. Beverly Hills, California were honoured for their work in helping Haiti.

Jean Shafiroff, Philanthropist Humanitarian Award Honouree:
Jeanine Mabunda LIoka, Humanitarian Honouree for Children: The Democratic Republic of the Congo. At the Cap-Ferrat, France, Grand Hotel.