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Friday, May, 24, 2019 at The Hôtel De Paris – Monte-Carlo, Monaco 


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“We hear that Flavio Briatore’s luxury yacht,“Force Blue,” is stocked with rare 1961 Pétrus for event producer Gina de Franco’s Better World Awards tonight, where Princess Charlene of Monaco will present a humanitarian award,” The New York Post Page 6, May 24, 2013.


WATCH: Beyond the Dream
USA show on Fox News, featured The Better World Awards, as the top event during Austin F1, Grand Prix. 

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The Better World Awards DMSAT TV – on-air for the last 5 years

Gina de Franco CEO of International Luxury Media is interviewed on Polish, German and Austria TV show on DMSAT regarding International Luxury Media global events and publicity. From The Better World Awards in Monte- Carlo, to other top events in the French Riviera, and the world, the 1 hour show, covers the celebrity event scene.

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A Letter from Ky- Mani Marley

Dear Gina de Franco,
With this letter, and on behalf of the Marley Family, we would like to confirm that International Luxury Media ,CEO Gina DeFranco is authorized to use the Marley name for the “Rock for Humanity” Concert GALA, which will take place ideally in Monaco or New York City alongside the Eighth Annual Better World awards. Additionally, we support the further creation of the ROCK FOR HUMANITY 8th Annual BWA .
I am certain that the “Rock for Humanity” concert will bring awareness to our pressing global human rights issues that plague countries . This is a very important concert for human rights, creating a Humanitarian message, just as my father, Bob Marley, had wished to see during his lifetime. We loved being with you in 2009 and the positive message you have created through a concert and show. The auction was so successful !We truly appreciate your fundraising and the entire event which was awesome!
We love the idea of a finale song , with all artists on stage in the spirit of my fathers peaceful message.As we discussed, this globally televised concert special will be a musical celebration and a tribute to my father Bob Marley, making sure to emphasize the plight of so many different races and nationalities, creeds, and colors, facing human rights problems, worldwide.
The Marley Family will assist in connecting with all the appropriate people and organizations in our sphere of influence that would help the concert have global impact and be successful at all levels. Thank you.

Ky- Mani Marley

Ky- Mani Marley

Since the inception of the BWA, we have kept a “no press” policy for the privacy of the celebrities, however, for 2019 and the televised digital simulcasts upcoming, we will produce a red carpet.